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Open Joint-Stock Company "Elektropribor" ("Elektropribor" OJSC)

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Precision wire potentiometers of PTP, PLP and PPML(f) - IM types Precision potentiometer - adjustable ohm voltage divider, which division factor  is the function of axe rotation with greater extant of exactness.

It can be used as:

  • linear and not linear elements of tracking loops and analog calculators;
  • sensors of linear and angular displacements.

Field of application: aircraft construction, rocket production, shipbuilding, radio electronics (radars), mechanical engineering.

Unique construction and production technology brought to:

  • high exactness of the functional characteristics reproduction (from 0,05% till 3%);
  • high reliability of potentiometers during their functioning in strict conditions of mechanical, climatic and radiation factors influence (wear hardness after millions of axe rotations).

Kinds of precision potentiometers:

a) according to constructive performance:

  • single;
  • modular;
  • monoreversible;
  • multireversible;

b) according to the character of a movable system using:

  • with radial movement;
  • with movement within operating angle;

c) according to the character of functional dependence:

  • by linear law;
  • by nonlinear law.

Rated resistance of precision potentiometers - (0,2÷50,0) kOm. Dispersion power - (1÷5) watt.